Marc is the name of my grandfather. Born in 1923 in Chemilly Sur Yonne, Burgundy.

In the 1950’s he started to cultivate gherkins, on the family land, as did many farmers at that time.

Initially, the gherkin production was a marginal business in the region, mainly for local usage. With the involvement of an international canned food factory, the gherkin production rapidly expanded.

In 1975 my father Florent took over the family business. He increased the production of the gherkin to meet the growing demand. Unfortunately, due to globalisation the canned food factory gradually moved the business to Asia and in 2009 the factory in Burgundy closed down.

Being the only buyer of the locally produced French gherkin, this had a detrimental effect on the French farmers, and most went out of business.

Regardless of cost, my father continued producing the French gherkin constantly looking for new markets. Production of the fresh produce was sold, in the main, to domestic third-party distributors. 


In 2012, being the son of Florent and grandchild of Marc, I started to contribute to the family business working with my father.

The ‘Made in France’ had become a new consumer trend. The decision was made to re build and modernise the production of the French gherkin.

The aims: to target clients, giving attention to local products and quality. With the ‘Produced and cultivated in France’ as a marketing logo.


The culture has remained the same, natural of full reasoned field, without herbicide, without insecticide.
The gherkins are picked and sorted by hand, packaged immediately without preservatives.


Today, the MAISON MARC pickles have conquered the large French delicatessens and the cuisines of renowned chefs such as Yves Camdeborde, Thierry Marx and Cyril Lignac ... until those of the Elysee, where the chef Guillaume Gomez officiates.